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My life has been blessed – so many stories and experiences. Life lived to the full is a personal tag line. Full comes from embracing all a moment has to offer. Full comes from embracing the journey of real relationships – diving below the surface of the everyday practical events. Full comes from searching for answers that are not clear.

When my daughter was selected for a gifted and talented class, I imagined school would be a breeze. An IQ of 145 was going to be more than enough, not just to get into that class but to conquer with ease all the education system could demand.

So when I sat at the back of her class changing the homework reading books and watched her struggle for an eternity to read ‘ cat ‘ on the board, I sensed a storm brewing. And it blew for years, leading her to hate her primary school years. But we outlasted it and she finished the rigorous HSC in New South Wales with marks in the 80s and 90s.

Along the way I learned much. Dyslexia impacts people differently. For my daughter it made maths, spelling, reading, writing, gross and fine motor skill areas an uphill battle. Hours were spent learning basics that most kids pick up innately. Hours were spent pouring over the internet, going to meetings to hear prominent speakers talk about the Twice Exceptional child. Hours were spent on some key interventions that rewired her brain and propelled her forward. Hours were spent late at night completing Post Graduate Studies in Special Ed online from McQuarrie Uni.

The heartbeat behind Fast Learning NZ is champion the cause of every child, to enhance their learning capacity and minimise their struggle to learn. Through the 90s and early 00s neuroscience was such young field. Today it is an educational trend gaining momentum around the world as well as in New Zealand.

I believe every brain can benefit from the programmes developed by passionate work of Dr Michael Merzenich – known as the “father of cognitive science”. Brain injury and stroke can leave scars on the brain’s function. While our application of our programmes to this area is still in its infancy, we are excited about the hope that some adults have found by rewiring their brains.

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