My Child is at Grade Average Thanks to Fast ForWord


Any small business owner knows that words of recommendation are gold. Although free, they are priceless and the best advertising possible.

So the other day when I was chatting to a friend. She mentioned she’d been talking to another parent. As is the way with parents the conversation turned to the kids and the comment was made about her child who as now at grade average thanks to Fast ForWord. What I love about this is I was nowhere in the mix. No crafting clever ads. No tweaking images. Just a story shared willingly.

A business tutor told me a year or so ago – expect to take up to 5 years to establish a business but if you do it well, you will have little need for advertising – word of mouth will do it for you. Doing all I can to follow that advice. And that's easy because I passionately believe in these remarkable well-researched programmes.


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