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It dawned on me a while ago that I should complete the Brain Training programme I had mentored so many others through. For lots of reasons. Not the least being my short term memory seemed to be getting a little too short for my liking. My family was pointing out the irony of this!

What I didn’t expect was the programme would find me out! It took a while but as I moved through the most demanding game I flat lined. I couldn’t make any more progress.

And so I began to observe within my own brain exactly what this programme does to strengthen brain pathways.

First it felt like hitting a wall of impossibility. No way could I tell the sounds apart. Then I began to tell them apart but couldn’t for the life of me answer the task correctly. Next I made jaggered progress - a bit like one step forward and two back. Finally I began to get more right and when I made a mistake I knew it. But then the next level hit me and around the loop I went again. All the while my progress on the software I use to watch students and adult clients was a dismal flat line. And I was working soooo hard. I mean I could not have anyone in the room – that would distract me and I’d make a mistake.

Then I pondered over : What does it feel like for a student with an auditory processing disorder or dyslexia in a classroom? Horrible. A jungle of sound and distraction.

And just like that – out of the apparent blue - I got it. My progress graph has turned a corner. I can just mange to have company in the room and still focus and I’m getting most trials correct.

Best of all my short term memory is firing more like it should.


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