Can Fast ForWord®* Help Auditory Processing Disorder and Dyslexia?

Many of us learn and live through the lens of dyslexia, autism, auditory processing disorder, attention deficit ( ADD, ADHD ) developmental delay among others.

The Fast ForWord series of products includes brain training, reading levels and Reading Assistant. These personalised software programmes are designed to strengthen brain pathways and build connectivity to help improve reading, writing, speaking, listening, understanding and social skills.

Each programme is adaptive to the learner, provides instant feedback, and was developed by leading neuroscientists.

Supported by peer review and school based studies, used by over 2.4 million people in 42 countries, Fast ForWord is world’s leading suite of educational programmes based on brain science.

# Precise benefits vary from person to person.*

The Science Behind the Program

Dyslexia child before Fast ForWord intervention.

Dyslexia child after Fast ForWord intervention.

Paula Talla and others discovered observable changes in the brain after Fast ForWord® use.

“The children with dyslexia improved significantly in reading ability… “

“Tested in real word reading, pseudo- word decoding and comprehension …“ page 2862

”The improvements on these three tests raised the dyslexic group’s scores into the normal range.”

“These results demonstrate, first, that it is possible to visualize changes in brain function after reading remediation.

Second, these results showed that the specific remediation program Fast ForWord, resulted in changes in brain function …” page 2865

“Neural deficits in children with dyslexia ameliorated by behavioral remediation: Evidence from functional MRI”

Brain scan studies, done at Stanford University, USA – Temple, E., Deutsch, G. K., Poldrack, R. A., Miller, S.L., Tallal, P., Merzenich, M. M., & Gabrieli, J. D. E. (2003). Neural deficits in children with dyslexia ameliorated by behavioural remediation: Evidence from functional MRI. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 100(5), 2860-2865. Used with permission.

Can Fast ForWord® help someone with Autism?
Martha Burns - Neuroscientist explains how

Hope for Every Brain

“The Brain that Changes Itself”

Chapter 3 summarises the peer-reviewed published scientific findings of leading neuroscientists including Michael Merzenich that led to our Enhancing Learning Capacity program – Fast ForWord®. We highly recommend this book.