“Excellent effort and progress in all curriculum areas”


I’ve always had mixed feelings about prize giving – of course let’s applaud excellence. So glad to see many awards now reflect effort – that’s a core value we want to encourage.

At the end of 2105 Michael, of Invercargill, heard his name at his school's prize giving – what a magic moment. His dyslexia had begun to overshadow his true ability. His grades and attitude showed that he understood learning was going to be tough.

All the more sweet then, to walk to the stage and receive a certificate for ‘excellent effort and progress in all curriculum areas’. How brilliant to get a report showing Mathematics, Writing and Reading had improved on standardised tests. How awesome for family to be observing a happier, more interactive child whose short term memory is greatly improved.

Of course – to be fair – many factors can contribute to this success: proactive family support & the efforts of the teacher. The thing is – family and school had been proactive for all of his years at school – so we are left asking what was different in the last 6 months of 2015 - the time when school reported a noticeable improvement?

Answer: Michael's diligent effort on Fast ForWord – our Enhancing Learning Capacity programme. S

o pleased to have partnered with another success story.


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