3 Generations


Talking with a mate the other day - one who is equally enamoured with neuroscience and education.

Love those talks – don’t have to apologise for enthusiastic oversharing. He gets it.

He also is observant.

He remarked the other day. “You might just be one of the few people in the world to have had 3 generations of family benefit from brain training.”

He is probably right.

Aug 2015’s blog details my daughter’s experience.

May 2016 details mine.

So let me fill you in on my mum.

At 84 she was concerned about my dad’s memory. So we all tried to get him going on training his brain. But…

So mum picked up the opportunity – she was aware and so was I - that she was losing her memory for words. Simple words like carbohydrate or important words - like the name of the band she likes to ballroom dance to. These might come to her hours or days later.

Armed with that anecdotal data she put in the time and trained her brain. These days she finds the words she is looking for with much greater ease – minutes or moments. And I can’t remember the time a word completely eluded her.

It’s not rocket science is it? The programme – while clever – can’t tell the age of the brain it’s strengthening. It just finds the weak spots, adapts itself and pumps out training specific to that individual need.


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