Operating systems

• Windows 7/10 
• Mac OS X 10.11 or later
• Chrome OS™

Browsers (latest versions)

• Chrome

• Firefox

• Microsoft Edge

• Safari (FFW only)

iPad 5 / iPad Air / iPad Air 2

• iOS 11.3 or later

• Safari browser

Not supported: 

• Safari for RA+ on computer

• Internet Explorer

 • iOS 11.2 or earlier

Persistent internet connection that can support concurrent student usage

A typical student uses 50MB to 150MB of bandwidth per 30-minute session 

The Fast ForWord product varies in the amount of data transmitted and received based on multiple factors, such as the current exercise or reading selection, the protocol or schedule, and the current status in the product. Also, bandwidth requirements vary during an individual session, with larger data transfers occurring during the first few minutes of a session, and in the case of Reading Assistant Plus, after a recording session.

For optimal performance, the network should meet the following minimum bandwidth recommendations per student session:3 Mbps, max 250 ms latency

Either is ok. Be mindful that a touch pad can make it easier to make an error you did not intend.

  • Make sure pop ups are not being blocked, especially if using Internet Explorer or a 3rd party web site blocking.
  • Check you haven’t already opened the programme by hoovering on the icon at the bottom of your screen – much like you do to see how many word documents you have open.

Please try the following: Is your Fast ForWord® program is freezing?

  • Ensure your child is not hyper clicking the exercises.
  • If your computer has low available memory space, ensure there are not a lot of programs running at the same time as using the program.
  • Clear the browsing history on your computer.

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