The Experts

Dr Paula Talla

Dr Paula Tallal is Professor of Neuroscience at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.
She was on the team that first published to the peer-reviewed Science journal the observable brain changes achieved by Fast ForWord using fMRI.

She has led research teams studying the neurobiological basis of speech, language & reading development & disorders.

She has published 200+ scientific papers.

Dr. Michael Merzenich

Dr. Michael Merzenich - “the Father of Neuroscience” PhD.
He is co-inventor of the cochlear implant. Although natural hearing uses 3000 connections to send information to the brain, Dr Merzenich helped create an artificial cochlea using 8 connections and letting the brain’s plasticity create the rest. This was ground breaking science. It earned him and the team the Russ Prize from the National Academy of Engineering. (highest honor in Bio-Engineering)

He was one of the team of brain scientists who started FastForWord suite of programmes based on their peer- reviewed research.

2016 Kavli Prize for Neuroscience ( viewed as the Nobel Prize of neuroscience)

2017 The Charles L. Branch Brain Health Award for Unparalleled Breakthroughs in Brain Research

Dr Martha Burns

Dr Martha Burns is a neuroscientist and speech pathologist with expertise in autism and how the brains of people with autism can be enhanced by use of Fast ForWord brain training.

She has written 3 books & over 100 book chapters and articles. Doody’s Rating Service selected her book on the Right Hemisphere as one of the best health sciences books of 1997. She serves on the Faculty of Northwestern University, department of communication sciences and disorders. Martha has been a consultant to The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for 35 years.

She has traveled extensively sharing her knowledge and now teaches via webinar to many parts of the the world.

Dr. Steven Miller

Dr Steven Miller is a neuropsychologist with expertise in the assessment and treatment of developmental language and reading impairments. He has extensive experience in organizing clinical studies and conducting longitudinal studies of children and adults with such disabilities.

He was one of the team of brain scientists who started FastForWord suite of programmes based on their peer- reviewed research.

He served on the research faculty at the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience at Rutgers University, USA. Steve has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications including 15 commercial software programs and more than 40 US Patents.He travels the world speaking about brain science and education.