English as a Second Language

Are you learning English as your second language?
Stressed about your IELTS score?

No matter your first language or English level Fast ForWord® is proven to help.

What could I expect from completing this programme?

Clear English Language Communication including improvement in a number of areas such as:

  • - Oral fluency
  • - Pronunciation
  • - Listening
  • - Vocabulary
  • - Written skills
  • - Memory
  • - Focussed attention
  • - Processing ( thinking ) speed
  • - Visual, auditory and written sequencing skills

How it works

  • - Personalised brain training for 90 minutes 5 days a week via the internet with daily feedback & weekly progress reports
  • - Adaptive to each learner in each session with instant feedback 
  • - Weekly achievement graph, participation report and progress reports 
  • - Access to 24/7 support website and video help

Research shows native and ESL speakers improved writing scores by completing Fast ForWord®

*Neuroplasticity-based cognitive and linguistic skills training improves reading and writing skills in college students. Beth A. Rogowsky, Pericles Papamichalis, LauraVilla, Sabine Heim and PaulaTallal* Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA published in FrontiersinPsychology | EducationalPsychology March2013|Volume4|Article137
Used with permission.

85= Below Average 108=Above average*

What Package is best for me?


Independent $750

Mentoring $1100

Mentoring Plus $1600

Boot Camp $1400

Average weekly price
Exercise minutes per week
Exercise minutes per day (for 5 days/week)
Number of continuous weeks of access
Support sessions with a programme specialist, up to 15 minutes

In addition, all subscriptions include:

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English as a Second Language
10 weeks


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English as a Second Language

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