Parents who give more than we know


Unseen pain is so dis-empowering. I mean, if I break my leg – you get it. You are probably happy to have the conversation about how, why and when. You will no doubt have advice to offer – a good physio you know, the thought that leaping over that log and landing awkwardly wasn’t my brightest moment and so on.

But if my child has a learning difficulty – generally you can’t see it. Oh there may well be behaviours and if you are up with the play - you might recognise some of these and even know which box they could be made to fit.

But sadly too few actually get what it’s like to parent a child with learning difficulties. I mean I didn’t until I was living it. My daughter is 20 and to this day there are those who know her well and still don’t get it.

There are times when some of us want to misdiagnoses and suggests it is just bad parent syndrome. Life is never that simple. Pleeease help the mums and dads you know whose child / children have learning difficulties. The power of love is profound.

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